Social media management

Social media marketing can be a minefield for businesses new to the concept. But help is at hand - Design FX can help you develop a strong social strategy that will get people talking about your brand online.   

If you haven’t yet gotten to grips with social media, you’re missing out on a brilliant business marketing tool. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and dozens more provide companies with a professional (and often free!) platform through which they can promote their products, sing about their services and establish themselves as a credible, ‘current’ company that knows how to use the web to their advantage. 

We believe that social campaigns work best when the manager and the client strike up a natural synergy. Our social media marketers work closely with our clients - they use their knowledge, experience and input to engage with social media users, working tirelessly to promote the company’s strengths and establish the brand in the right online communities. 

The social media management services from our Essex-based team are flexible, affordable, and above all, effective.

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