Getting started online

Step 1 - Domain Registration

A domain name - the bit of a web address that goes just after 'www' in a browser, like '' - is 'you' on the web.

Once we register your domain name, you have the legal right to use it for as long as you maintain the registration. If a particular domain is important to you, we can register it even if you're not quite ready to use it. Registering a '' domain costs £20 + VAT for two years, and a '.com' costs £20 + VAT for one year.

Step 2 - Hosting

Once you're ready to use your domain, we can arrange to have it 'hosted'.

Your hosting service provides the computers or 'servers' where all your web content resides and it makes your website ready to 'serve' to the world within a fraction of a second of anyone calling up your site - anywhere on the planet, at any moment of the day.

As well as web-page content, your web host will also look after you email accounts - however many you need, and wherever the people who need to access those addresses are. And everything will be kept secure, backed-up and password-protected.

There are hundreds of different web-hosting packages out there: we can select the one that's just right for your needs.

Step 3 - Design and Building Your Website

This is becoming easier and easier to do yourself ... but a home-made site eventually gives itself away.

Though there are common standards on the web, nothing can legislate for the dozens of different browsers and browser versions that are out there. Layering on top of that literally hundreds of screen resolutions and colour palettes, hardly ever are two views of the same site truly 'the same'. The display of graphics is particularly variable across platforms. So it's not that easy. We've had years of experience in designing to accommodate all browsers and versions.

Our job is to make sure your shop window is open for business every second of the day and delivering the right message to everyone who drops by. With our creative flair, heaps of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we can do it all for and with you. Just give us a shout.

To discuss your domain, hosting & website requirements in more detail call 01206 751 800 or email design:fx or check out our website portfolio