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Brand Identity Design

I’ll help you create a brand that stands out in even the most crowded of markets.

My brand identity services go beyond simply creating a logo and adding fancy colours and fonts to your marketing material. To really sell your vision, I need to dig deeper into your company ethos to find out what drives you and what inspires you. As a highly experienced brand identity specialist, I will then use what I’ve found to craft a unique visual presence that will add weight and authenticity to your communications.

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The value of a masterful brand identity

There’s no easier way to establish trust with your customers than by developing a strong, vibrant brand profile.

Using consistent colours, typefaces and graphics across all of your web and print materials will ensure that you’re delivering a uniform, unified look to your audience that instils confidence in your company and reminds them just how competent you are.

But your brand identity is more than just an image. It captures the essence of your mission. It’s your message. And as such, it will also affect the way that your target audience talks about you. If you want them to be saying all the right things, you’ll need to lead their conversations with a clear brand concept that’s strong-rooted and ready to weather any marketing storm. 

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What do brand identity specialists do?

As a brand identity designer, I’ll choose a single direction for your visuals - and stick with it. I’ll get a real feel for your organisation, then I’ll find a way to channel your unique energy into your logo, your colour palette and all of your marketing collateral, including your business cards, your literature and, of course, your website.


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The benefits of incredible design concepts

If you’re thinking of investing in a new brand identity, but you’re not yet convinced that you’ll see a return, rest assured that fresh aesthetics will transform the way that your customers and peers perceive you.

Any business that wants to become an authority in their field will benefit from better branding; and the majority of these companies will need to hire a brand identity design specialist to help them achieve a profile that’s memorable, desirable, and above all, professional.

Once I’ve established the foundations of your brand identity, I’ll be ready to start rolling it out across all of your marketing collateral. I can even help you explore different materials and channels if you feel like your marketing campaign is stuck in a rut.

Contact me today on 01206 751 800 to learn more about my affordable brand identity design services. I can adapt my work to meet the needs of any company, and I’d love to talk to you about what you have in mind for your next project!


“ We could not be happier with the outcome. Not only do we now have a fabulous new web site, but our complete brand has been re designed, looking ever more professional. Natalie was fantastic from start to finish, always on hand when needed and nothing was too much trouble. ”

Craig G, Neville Green Mortgages