Large Format Printing Essex

Large Format Printing

Make an impactful statement with our large format printing solutions.

Sometimes the only way to come out on top is to be bigger and bolder than the competition. Large format prints will make sure your brand doesn’t go ignored. Whether you’re looking for posters, pull up and roll up displays, banners or retail signage, Design FX Studio in Essex will help you track down the perfect print partner for your wide format project.


How can large format printing support your business?

Large format printing equipment can be used to create virtually any large marketing material. Here, I’ve listed some of the most common types of wide format prints, and explored the important roles that posters, signs and banners still play in the corporate world.

Pull Up Banner Design & Print

Pull Up Banners

Eye-catching, versatile and surprisingly affordable, the humble pull up banner is a vital piece of kit for any business that’s serious about its brand image. However, it’s not enough to simply pull together the graphics for a roll up banner and hope that the enquiries come flooding in. Once you’ve settled on a professional, well-balanced design that delivers your key company information to your audience, you need to choose a large format printer with the skills and expertise needed to create a top quality product.

Exhibition Banner Stand Design

Exhibition Banner Stands & Signage

Pull up banners are used in abundance at trade shows and exhibitions, but did you know that there are plenty of other large format printing options available to companies that want to leave a fantastic first impression on passers-by? If you have been tasked with creating a unique stand or pitch, but don’t know where to start, I can help you create and print the perfect combination of exhibition graphics, banners and signs using the latest wide format print techniques.

Indoor & Outdoor Poster Design

Indoor and Outdoor Posters

Wide format posters can be placed inside a venue or out in a high footfall area. It really depends on the message you’re looking to promote, and the kind of audience you want to reach. The location of your poster will eventually determine the type of print you need to order, though – for example, indoor posters can be printed onto heavy silk board for a luxurious finish, while outdoor graphics may need to be printed onto long-lasting, UV-resistant, waterproof paper. Talk to me today if you need help putting together your next large format printed poster.

Pull Up Banner Design & Print

PVC Outdoor Banners

They’re a staple outside shops, shows, sports arenas and all kinds of promotional events – and trusty PVC banners continue to grab the attention of potential customers. PVC outdoor banners can be customized with neat eyelets and other finishing touches to make sure they look the part, but their main selling point is their toughness – they are designed to remain vibrant and clear, even in rough weather. PVC banners can be printed to virtually any size using cutting edge equipment that has been developed specifically for wide format creations. PVC outdoor banners are also available as mesh banners to reduce their wind resistance.

Shop Signage

Interior and Exterior Shop Signs

Shop signage comes in all kinds of forms, and can be provided as illuminated or non-illuminated. Fascias, window graphics, site boards, pavement signs, safety signs – they all work together to leave a great impression on your visitors. When produced to exacting specifications with the help of an experienced printer, large format interior and exterior shop signs will always ensure that your brand looks professional, competent, and a much safer bet than the competition.

Contact me for more information on my large format printing services. I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and help you find a printing solution that’s both effective and affordable!


 I have used Natalie for several years and found her to be very professional, attentive and dependable. She has composed adverts, posters and organised our shop signage. Everything has worked perfectly and I would highly recommend her expertise. ”

Michael D, The Old Library Dental Surgery