Vehicle Graphics

Get top quality vehicle graphics and wraps at incredible prices.

Get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers every time you hit the road with printed or cut vehicle graphics. Invest in a professionally-designed livery for your business car or van and you’ll get your hands on a valuable marketing asset that will never lose its impact.


Turn your vehicle into a hard-working promotional tool.

Even if your car, van or truck is parked up for the evening, your vehicle graphics will still be on full display. Car and van wraps work are around-the-clock promotional tools that can catch the attention of anyone, anywhere, at any time – and this kind of mass coverage is especially important to businesses that are facing high competition within a particular region.

You can choose to create anything from simple, branded vehicle graphics that proudly display your company details, all the way through to eye-catching, fully bespoke vehicle wraps. I can create either for you, so I’ll go into more detail about each option here.

Vehicle Graphics

Printed vehicle graphics can be adapted to suit your requirements. They are a cost-effective way to add pizzazz to a single car or an entire fleet of vans, depending on the size of your organization.

You can choose just to display your logo and a few key contact details, delivering a simple yet effective message to anyone who crosses your path. But if you’re after a more dramatic look, you could incorporate photos and extra content into the design to create a stand-out marketing solution.

Vehicle Wraps

Full-colour, digitally-printed vehicle wraps are designed to cover most of, if not all of, the surface area on your car or van. When I develop designs for wraps, I’ll normally take the specifications of the vehicle into consideration to make sure that I utilize every aspect of its shape and size.

Speak to Design FX Studio today to learn more about the design process that lies behind creating stunning vehicle graphics.

Once your graphics or vehicle wrap has been finalised, I will call upon my vehicle wrapping specialists to find you a great production deal, too. My preferred suppliers are one of only 39 3M approved vehicle wrappers in the UK, so quality of work is absolutely guaranteed.


 Natalie at Design FX Studio continues to provide all aspects of the Octopus branding, from our vans to our website. We regularly get great feedback and comments from customers and suppliers alike who love its fresh look and appeal. She is great to deal with and always very accommodating as we often have big orders with little notice. ”

Jonathan, Company Director, Octopus Cabling