Picture the scene.

You’re the owner of a marketing agency, and you’ve had an enquiry from your dream client. The conversation is flowing – you feel that they’re really buying into your pitch, and you’re confident that you and your team will be able to do a great job for them.

You’re so close to convincing them you’re the right agency for their project.

Then, they throw you a curveball.

“We also want to freshen up our brand image and our marketing materials. Do you have anybody in-house who can spruce up our designs for us, as part of the package?”

You pause. You scramble to think of someone – anyone – you know who specialises in graphic design, and who would be comfortable working with you to deliver the results the client is looking for.

You draw a blank.

You stumble over your words, and it becomes clear to the client that this is an area of weakness for your business.

You ultimately end up losing the work because the client has enquired elsewhere and found a company that can offer a more comprehensive solution.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid this kind of situation altogether? Would it be ideal if you had a dedicated graphic design support partner waiting in the wings and ready to work with you on creative projects?

Absolutely – and I can be the person you call upon for affordable, reliable graphic design solutions behind the scenes of your brand.

What are the advantages of working with a graphic design support partner?

In my experience, you’ll enjoy 5 key benefits when you work with a specialist graphic designer like myself.

1. You’ll appear more capable to your clients.

Being able to advertise a wider portfolio of services gives your company more clout (and stops clients from heading over to one of your competitors, like in the example I provided here!).

2. You’ll benefit from expert advice that you didn’t have access to before.

Design may not be your forte – but by working with a graphic design partner, you’ll be able to pick the brains of someone who does this for a living.

3. You’ll be able to deliver designs to your clients quickly and reliably.

Having a designer on call means you know exactly where to head when a design enquiry comes through the door, saving you the time and hassle of trying to find somebody to complete the project at the last minute.

4. You’ll have the chance to earn extra cash for your company.

When I collaborate with other companies, I quote wholesale fees for their requirements. You can choose how much mark-up you want to add to the price of the work and keep these profits for yourself.

5. You’ll still be in control of the whole process.

I may be working away in the background, but as far as your client is concerned, you’re at the helm of the project. And when they’re totally delighted with the end results, you can bask in the glory of my success!

What kinds of companies are likely to need graphic design expertise?

I regularly work with business consultants, marketing agencies, web developers, signage companies, copywriters, PR companies and print houses that want to be able to offer design services to their clients, but don’t have the knowledge (or the time) to deliver great results in this area.

In many cases, I work with these businesses on a white label basis. This means that I am a ‘hidden’ outsourcing partner who either remains anonymous as far as the client is concerned, or a graphic designer who appears to work for my client’s brand.

Interested in learning more about contracting Design FX Studio as your design partner? Check out this page for more information, or contact me directly for an informal chat.