I had some interesting feedback from a new client recently.

“You don’t seem like the sort of person to give us the hard sell,” mused this particular business owner during our initial discovery call.

He went on to mention that this is one of the reasons why he decided to get in touch with Design FX Studio in the first place. From looking at my website, reading my blog posts and skimming over my social media accounts, he felt I was much more friendly and approachable than some of the others he’d found online. He got the sense that I would offer him impartial advice without the sales tactics he’d encountered from other similar design professionals in the past (which made him feel pressured to make a decision, and generally uncomfortable with the design process from day one).

This was music to my ears, because this is exactly the impression I want to make on new prospects.

Why? Because my design service sells itself.

The bottom line is, every smart entrepreneur knows that they need to invest in great design if they want their business to succeed.

(This is true for start-ups and more established companies alike. Firms of any size will struggle to make the right impression in their sector if they present shoddy, DIY-style graphics to their target audience instead of professionally considered designs that accurately reflect their ethos, their values, and the products or services they offer.)

So, the people who need my services, know they need my services.

They don’t need to be convinced of the value of what I do.

They will approach me when the time is right, and when they have the budget to forge ahead with their design requirements.

They will read my testimonials, and they will take a look at examples of the designs I’ve produced for previous clients, because they want reassurance that I’m a safe bet.

But they will never question the fact that they need the help of a designer, because they understand the benefits of working with an experienced professional!

Why are you getting the hard sell from other companies?

If a design agency is giving you the hard sell, in my experience, it’s usually because they:

1. Are not confident in their design services, full stop. Truly good designers will let their portfolio do the talking. They won’t need to convince you that they’re the best person for the job – you’ll be wowed by their previous work!

2. Don’t understand that you might need more time to come to a decision. Sometimes, you’ll know whether a design partner is the right fit for your business straightaway. Other times, you’ll want to do a bit more research before you commit. Lots of agencies are scared of a short spell of silence, because they think they’ve lost your work for good. At Design FX Studio, I totally get that you need time to get your head around all your options. I won’t get you to confirm your order until you’re ready to move forward.

3. Will stop at nothing to win your business, because they really, really need it. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to generate more sales – we’d all be struggling if we didn’t get new clients! – nobody responds well to desperate phone calls and high-pressure emails. If you’re on the receiving end of a hard sales strategy, it could be that this is just the way the company deals with new enquiries, or it could be that they can’t afford to let your lead go.

If you want incredible results without the off-putting sales spiel, contact me, Natalie, at Design FX Studio. I’m a truly multi-disciplined designer, which means I can create everything from your initial logo through to your brand graphics, your website, your business cards, your brochures, and much more. (You can find more information on my various services on my website, or in this recent round-up.)

You’ll only need to deal with me, not multiple points of contact, which makes your life so much easier when managing your design-led projects.

Just as importantly, though, I’ll never push you to part with your cash until you completely understand the value in what I’m doing and are 100% happy to pass your design requirements over to me. I’m here to support you, not to sell to you!

This way of working has resulted in hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied clients in the three decades I’ve been in business – so I can say with confidence that it works for them (and I know it works for me, too!).