Send beautiful email campaigns, track the results and manage your subscribers!

Great looking template designs created just for you.

To use mail:fx you will need an email template, which Design FX will design on your behalf using your brand and specifications, helping you to stand out from the crowd and deliver the desired result.

What’s more, we’ll work with you to organise your database and load it in to the system before you send your first campaign as well as guiding you through the editing process, ensuring that your first campaign is perfect, whilst giving you the skills you need to manage it all yourself in the future.

Create and send your own email campaigns

Our live editor allows you to see your email campaign as you build it. You can add your own text and images to your template and even change the order any items might appear. You can use your own ‘from name’ and email address, so the email always looks like it comes from you. Also select your own subject and where replies should be directed.

Once you’re happy with your campaign, send yourself a test and when you’re happy, send to your list or schedule it for delivery at a more suitable time for you or your target market.

Manage subscribers easily and efficiently

mail:fx automatically handles new signups, unsubscribes, bounces and even spam complaints – keeping you on the right side of spam laws without having to think about it. Import your contact list with ease from practically any source giving you the flexibility to add and remove subscribers quickly with our user-friendly interface.

No matter what format your subscriber lists are in, we make them easy to import into mail:fx.

Measure your success with beautiful reports

Real-time reporting from our excellent email software allows you to see campaign results the moment they are sent. See exactly which links subscribers clicked on and use this information to create more targeted and engaging content in future campaigns. The reports make it easy to see exactly what is and isn’t working in your emails, providing valuable information which you can react to accordingly.

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