Professional business marketing with brochures

In a world of websites, apps and blogs, there is still something uniquely special about the printed brochure. Evocative of a more leisurely life, you can touch it, hold it your hand, flick through the pages at will, admire all the glossy illustrations and photographs, and read the associated information at your leisure.

When you put a brochure down, you don’t lose it in the invisible bowels of the Internet, on some nameless computer – the brochure is still there on your desk or bookcase, ready for you to pick up again whenever you want, or simply because it happens to catch your eye again.

The advantages of a marketing brochure

For marketing purposes, a well-designed printed brochure has a pulling power only just equalled by even the best of websites. It is solely dedicated to advertising your business, and no one else’s. A typical advertising website will likely carry many advertisements competing for the web surfer’s attention, just as the traditional newspapers and magazines do. But if you can place a brochure in a potential customer’s hand, it can do its job without competing for distraction.

Variety and dependability

Brochures are versatile and come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. A well-written one can be exciting. True, a website can contain some quite marvellous visual effects, but even they have their limits. Animations and effects, that were unique when they were first invented, have become so commonplace that viewers now often find them distracting, even annoying, and ignore them.

Printed brochures provide people with what they really want – information they can peruse at leisure. When they have studied one page, they simply turn it to see what is in store for them next. No searching menus, no incomprehensible links that might or might not lead to what the reader wants.

It’s your choice!

If you are speaking to a potential customer in person, whether on a sales call, at a trade show, or anywhere else, you have a choice of what to leave them with. You can give them a business card with your web address on it so they can visit your website – if they remember to do so, and if they haven’t forgotten your conversation amongst many others, and if they don’t simply lose the card. Or you can place a brochure in their hands that will provide instant information about your product – and still advertise your website as well – without any special action.

How to produce your brochure

As to what to put in your brochures, a professional graphic designer can help you with the format and layout, give advice on what images to use, and help with planning the text content to best effect. They can come up with a front page that will be eye-catching and persuasive. They can show you different paper textures and finishes, which make a world of difference. And you can have the same work produced in different formats, shapes and sizes for different purposes at very little extra cost.

The result

Relying on the services of an experienced and reputed marketing print service provider will help you achieve a brochure that will be an instantly compelling marketing tool, at a cost-effective price. No dependence on elusive Google rankings, no need for costly programmers every time you want to add a new page to a website. Just simple, beautifully designed, printed material right there in the customer’s hand.

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