With businesses increasingly focusing on online advertising, it is all too easy to dismiss printed advertising as something that is no longer relevant. Well, that’s simply not the case! Why? Well, we believe that print not only matches online advertising in terms of importance but offers a company certain advantages that online campaigns do not.

Print offers credibility

In a world where things can be changed by the click of a mouse or a few taps on the delete button, the permanence of print offers your company real credibility. After all, once it has been put down onto paper, there’s no going back! By committing to a printed campaign, you’re showing potential customers that you are a business that is confident in its message and product. To your competitors, you’re showing that you’re a company that’s here to stay.

While online advertising is a great way of attracting the attention of potential customers quickly, a printed effort will earn their trust and admiration. Why? Well, sometimes it’s hard to identify with what’s on a computer screen, whereas a printed advert that you can touch and look at closely really allows your target audience to identify and bond with your product.

Targets the right people

Print also allows you to target particular demographics via speciality publications. When you consider how many niche magazines there are out there, it seems silly not to find the one that people you are trying to target will read. Placing an ad in that magazine will then allow you to reach them as effectively as you would online.

Works with your online campaign

Paying attention to your printed advertising campaign doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the online side of things. The success of your business online can also be aided by your endeavours in print. Yes, we’re talking about reinforced branding, where a company rolls out it’s branding across all platforms. This helps to increase the familiarity of your brand with customers, make sure to keep all colours and typefaces the same over these campaigns in order to maximise this recognition.

So there you have it, proof that print is alive and well! Hopefully, by reading the above you’ll have been convinced that while printed advertising is not the sole focus for campaigns, it’s just as relevant as its online counterpart.