1. wheelchair key on keyboard

    5 things you need to consider when designing an accessible website

    Global Accessibility Awareness Day took place a few weeks ago on 16th May, and it got me thinking just how much more inclusive web design has become in recent years. With so many…

  2. website marketing concept

    3 of the most effective ways to market your new business website

    You’ve signed off the design, the developer is making the last few tweeks to the template, and you’ve invested in professionally written copy to make sure your website gives off…

  3. wordpress website responsive concept

    5 simple ways to bring any WordPress website up to date

    To make sure your WordPress website is delivering the best possible experience to its users (and it’s still working in line with SEO best practices), you need to make sure…

  4. rock paper scissors design concept

    How to choose the right web design company for your next project

    If you’re totally new to website design, choosing the right partner to help you bring your vision to life can feel like a daunting prospect. There’s a lot you need…

  5. 5 of the best WordPress plugins

    Because WordPress is an open-source platform, developers of all skillsets are able to contribute their own ideas to the global WordPress community – and over time, this has resulted in…

  6. website design cost concept

    How much should your start-up business website cost?

    We’re all in business – which means we all want to get a great deal on the service or asset we’re investing in. In a highly competitive economy that’s increasingly…

  7. 2019 website trends concept

    10 of the biggest web design trends for 2019

    Have you been wondering what’s in store for web design in 2019? Well, to satisfy your curiosity, I’ve put together a list of the 10 hottest web design trends for this year….

  8. wordpress website marketing concept

    Your brand new WordPress website is live… but what now?

    It’s been weeks, if not months, in the making – and your beautiful, brand new WordPress website design is now ready to be shown off to the world. But the hard work…

  9. Why WordPress may be the best choice of platform for your next website

    If you’re in need of a brand new website, chances are you’re researching the best system for your requirements. You have probably already stumbled across WordPress, which is widely renowned…

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