Whether you are a new business or are considering a complete overhaul, one thing is for certain; you will have to build your business brand. And building a brand involves much more than choosing a name.

Although it’s a good idea to choose a new name, it’s important to remember that with any business name comes a whole strategy that, if not understood, will result in a weak business brand that will need to be adjusted in future.

Answer Some Questions

To avoid losing time, brand awareness and money, it’s important to consider the look and feel of the brand when choosing the name. To define that look and feel, ask questions. These include how you would describe your company if it were a person, how your business differs from competitors and what names your competitors are using. Also, many of the best brand names have a meaning – there are some great examples here.

Logo Low-Down

Once you’ve defined your brand, your logo is next. The logo is crucial, because once complete, it will grace everything from your brochure to your company t-shirts. The best advice for any logo is to look at other logos. How many colours they contain, how their store decor reflects the logo and even the font style used can all provide you with the inspiration you need for your own logo. Our full branding service will ensure that your logo perfectly matches your brand and your marketing material – your logo will become the most recognisable part of your company.

Printed Material

Now that you have a brand strategy and a logo, you may think your work is done. But there is still work to be completed on your printed marketing material. Probably one of the most basic printed materials is company stationery, both online and offline. Online, the stationery can simply contain your logo and slogan at the end of emails. Offline, notepads, pens and other branded materials can serve to keep your brand in front of new and seasoned customers alike. Not all printers are created equally – avoid bargain bucket printers because their services are often inconsistent, with vary colour depth and quality. Design FX can assist with all print requirements.


With a brand and printed material in your arsenal, it’s time to start marketing your brand – fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to do this. Online, you can create a blog where you write and upload posts on a regular basis to build a relationship with your readers. You can also send out an e-newsletter to existing customers to keep them on top of the latest happenings with your business, complete with your logo at the bottom, of course. Many businesses now outsource their blog writing and professional business bloggers.

Offline, the local newspaper is still a great way to grab the attention of your market. Cold calling remains one of the most effective ways to market a business, although you will likely require some kind of script if you’re not a natural salesperson.


Becoming a sponsor of a local event can get your business exposed to a brand new target market. Sponsoring can happen with a competition, awards ceremony or other events. The opportunities are virtually unlimited, as you will see here.

Although it will take time, building your business brand can benefit your company, both over the short and long-term. However, it is important to start on a solid foundation, so hire a brand developer to give your business the start it deserves.