Last October, I put together an article that talked about the resilience that UK businesses have shown in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. I spoke about how many companies – including my own clients – were keen to ‘build back better’ after a tumultuous few months spent navigating various restrictions.

Fast forward to summer 2021, and I feel like we are in another similar situation. Company owners have since had to deal with a long, dreary winter that brought with it another wave of uncertainty. In fact, after a fresh lockdown was announced back in January, many had to pause their plans and once again wait for brighter days.

But – touch wood – it feels like hope is on the horizon for many. It seems like the economy is recovering as it should. This is likely to be why I’ve been speaking to so many businesses recently about how they plan to recover from the last 18 months, and the role that their branding might play in securing new clients and capturing more of their market share.

Because, as I’ve mentioned so many times before, your brand image is central to the way that your business is perceived. The logos, graphics and straplines you choose will play a vital part in communicating your message and showcasing what your company really stands for. Without a strong, professional-looking brand identity, you will struggle to achieve any traction in your chosen industry – COVID or no COVID!

Could your branding be hindering you, not helping you?

From start-ups to more established organisations that have been trading for decades, I’m talking to a lot of businesses at the moment who have recognised that their graphic designs are holding them back – and they’re eager to do something about it.

Many of these clients have simply had time to reflect on their branding; they’ve realised it’s just not quite hitting the mark anymore. Others have had to pivot their businesses as a result of the pandemic but haven’t had the time (or the money) to update their graphics until now. A smaller percentage have just been waiting for the economy to pick up before committing to a new look.

What about you? Do you think you might fall into either of these camps?

If you’re not sure whether your brand could do with a bit of a revamp, sit with these following questions for a while. Answer them honestly to discover how you truly feel about your visual identity.

Are you still confident in your brand’s image?

Do you love nothing more than handing over your freshly printed business card, or sending off a link to your carefully crafted website?

Or is your lack of confidence in your current branding stopping you from promoting your business as heavily as you should?

If you’re experiencing any kind of hesitancy around sharing your brand with others, this signals to me that it’s time to update and improve your designs.

Has your business evolved since COVID – and does your branding reflect the ‘new you’?

If you have decided to enter a new market, change your products or services, or have otherwise had to adapt your company to cater for the post-pandemic economy, chances are your old branding isn’t doing your new proposition any justice.

I’ve always encouraged my clients to refresh their brand every few years. Things change – either by force, chance, or design – and your branding needs to be updated to reflect what’s going on in your business right now.

Do you find that your prospects are struggling to remember you?

In-person meetings have largely been put on hold since March 2020, but that doesn’t mean most of us have simply gone missing! We’ve still been able to conduct business via the web using tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

However, while conference calls are arguably a lot more efficient and productive than face-to-face catch-ups, they do make it harder for business owners to pitch to prospective clients and/or other company owners in a networking setting. If you’re showing up online, you need to work even harder to be memorable – and having the right branding can support you in your quest to stand out and get noticed.

If you find that your brand just isn’t sticking in people’s minds, let’s find out why – and fix it.

It’s time to set your business up for its next chapter

Time waits for no-one – especially when many of your competitors are recognising the need to update their graphics and reshape their branding. If you have any doubts around your current branding whatsoever, you need to tackle these concerns head-on.

Book in for a free chat with me, and I’ll help you uncover the things that need to change. Together, we’ll explore fresh ideas and settle on a new image will better suit your vision and values. I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs hit the ground running after lockdown with timely design advice – and I’d love to do the same for you!

Here are just a few examples of how I can use my graphic design expertise to spruce up your corporate identity.

Logo designs and redesigns

New businesses always need a moniker as a starting point. But I often get asked to create or enhance logos for more mature companies that recognise they need to invest in a visual upgrade.

Total brand refreshes

You can learn more about the difference between rebrands and brand refreshes here – but essentially, a refresh involves tightening up and smartening up the visuals you already have in place, rather than starting from scratch. It’s the ideal option for those of you who are reluctant to change direction completely, but appreciate that something needs to be done to keep your brand fresh and current.

As part of my brand refresh packages, I can work to improve your logos, brochures, flyers, letterheads and business stationery, along with any digital assets like your website’s images, your social media banners, and your ad designs. My team and I can also assist with updating your copy.

Website designs and updates

The demand for quality websites is at an all-time high. Thanks to the shift to eCommerce and increased competition in digital markets, customers expect more from company websites – and they won’t tolerate a sub-standard user experience or settle for outdated designs any longer. (I wrote a little more on this topic here.) So, if you know your current website is slow, clunky, or just a poor reflection of what your company is capable of, let me help you develop a platform that will meet everyone’s expectations – including your own!