1. man snowed under paperwork

    Why hire a print management specialist?

    I recently collaborated with a local content development agency on a blog that talks about the value of print in the modern marketing mix, and why – even though new…

  2. woman looking surprised at her work on computer

    When should you update your marketing materials?

    Even though we all know it’s incredibly important to maintain a slick, professional brand image these days, many companies are still reluctant to re-design their marketing materials. Price-led decision-makers worry…

  3. cmyk ink runs

    Digital vs litho print: what’s the difference?

    Design FX Studio offers comprehensive print management services to clients – and my role is to choose the right print technique for any given project. One of the most common…

  4. wordpress website marketing concept

    Your brand new WordPress website is live… but what now?

    It’s been weeks, if not months, in the making – and your beautiful, brand new WordPress website design is now ready to be shown off to the world. But the hard work…

  5. boy shocked at whats on screen

    5 mistakes to avoid when designing a business logo

    Avoid these common pitfalls during the logo design process to make sure your brand new emblem is both professional and relatable. I already posted my logo design guide for UK businesses,…

  6. Why WordPress may be the best choice of platform for your next website

    If you’re in need of a brand new website, chances are you’re researching the best system for your requirements. You have probably already stumbled across WordPress, which is widely renowned…

  7. uk logo designs

    Logo design: a guide for UK businesses

    Contents: Can your business afford to cut corners? Distinctively British designs Logo design styles Why most logo designs should be simple Colour and shape: it’s the little things that matter…

  8. thumbs up in a cloud

    How to get the most from your logo designer

    Top tips that will help your business get the perfect logo Finding a designer for your new logo has never been easier. Thanks to the Internet you can now research…

  9. illustration logo design concepts

    Use illustration logo designs for better engagement

    Visual Impact For Your Brand Development Why you should include illustrated images in your brand logo to transmit the personality of your company to a target market of consumers.  Logo…

  10. branding concept

    How to build your business brand

    Whether you are a new business or are considering a complete overhaul, one thing is for certain; you will have to build your business brand. And building a brand involves…

  11. printed brochures and catalogues

    The advantages of printed brochures for marketing a business

    Professional business marketing with brochures In a world of websites, apps and blogs, there is still something uniquely special about the printed brochure. Evocative of a more leisurely life, you…

  12. google mobile responsive concept

    Google’s mobile friendly update does not stop your site being stylish

    Turn these changes to your advantage Website owners are rightly concerned about mobile-friendly requirements, but with careful design, you can make your page stand out for tablet and mobile users….

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