1. branding principles concept

    5 vital branding principles for ambitious start-ups

    You can have the most impressive products in the world, and run the most efficient service known to man – but you’re unlikely to make a real splash in your…

  2. woman looking surprised at her work on computer

    When should you update your marketing materials?

    Even though we all know it’s incredibly important to maintain a slick, professional brand image these days, many companies are still reluctant to re-design their marketing materials. Price-led decision-makers worry…

  3. graphic designer hard at work

    What does it mean to be a graphic designer in 2018?

    First of all… what IS a graphic designer? There can be confusion as to what a graphic designer actually does. So to clear things up: graphic designers like me get paid…

  4. chelmsford map and offer

    Could your Chelmsford business benefit from my graphic design services?

    I’m offering cheap business cards for companies with CM postcodes! Chelmsford has grown a great deal in the last few years. Since being awarded City status back in 2012, Essex’s…

  5. apple computers evolving

    How graphic design has evolved in the last 20 years

    We Explore Two Decades of Incredible Change There’s no doubt that digital technology has had a huge impact on the way that we work. Advancements in technology have encouraged seismic…

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